In the midst of our life transition our family made a bold move and relocated from Atlanta, Georgia to Atlantic Beach, Florida where we truly live the “dream” while doing what we love.

“We wanted to do something that fed our creative souls and that would give back to the earth in the form of incorporating reclaimed and recycled materials in most of our products.  We capitalized on our talents both artistically and from what we have learned in the business world…and that’s when we launched the Beach Frames company after many years of product design and collaboration.”

Beach Frames continues to grow rapidly throughout the United States, South America, Japan and the Caribbean.  Our products have been enthusiastically embraced by some large retail chains & over 900 retail furniture and home decor shops, gift shops, galleries, resort shops and 1000’s of retail customers.  Due to the uniqueness and consistent high quality of our frames, consumers have responded wonderfully and continue to come back for more!  All of our products are handcrafted in the USA!  We are proud to be putting Americans to work!

We hope you find our frames and home decor products to be unique, high quality and special to you and your family.